Optimize Cloud Costs

As cloud computing providers become a larger part of IT budgets, it is imperative for stakeholders to understand how to manage their costs and capitalize on the promised savings of the cloud. Achieving a return on cloud investment means building resource optimization and agility into the culture of your organization.

Visibility on Driving Costs is Just One Part of the Equation.

Understand resources utilization, how costs are incurred, and how to manage fragmented resources.

Prevent over-provisioning and under-utilization.

Establish robust decision-making frameworks to determine which workloads and applications can be migrated as-is and which should be re-architected.

Identify when to replace or retire expensive features or applications.

Constantly explore new and efficient ways of achieving availability across multiple public cloud providers.

Build and embed resource optimization and agility into the culture of your organization.

30 – 35% of a company’s cloud spend is wasted, on average¹

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Training Plans that Transform

To make the most of a public cloud investment, teams need robust decision-making skills around technology and architecture. Cloud Academy empowers organizations with the knowledge, skills, and experience to align architecture decisions to business needs.

Cloud Academy’s training curriculum is key for keeping teams up to date with cloud technology advancements. The platform is the most effective learning tool for helping us meet our tight turnaround times and busy schedules.

Marino Sperandeo, Technologist at DXC.technology

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