The top 7 reasons why customers choose Cloud Academy

Proven Excellence:
Award-Winning Solutions

Trust Cloud Academy with your team’s technical development, knowing you’re investing in a proven and industry-recognized Leader platform for your teams’ technical skills needs

Cloud Academy is an excellent training tool, enabling users to create bespoke training plans with exercise and practice to emerge ready for exams in all the major cloud platforms and professional digital skill sets from engineering to developer through to security and support disciplines. It enables the creation of multiple teams inside the tool, with both team and individual training plans, detailed reporting and reminders for training plans. – Stephen M., Head of IT, Design, & Automation from Arvato CRM Solutions

User Experience: Effortless Learning

Dive into an award-winning platform, boasting the Easiest to Use badges, featuring an intuitive interface and
streamlined learning experience that makes it a breeze for your staff to achieve skills readiness.

Cloud Academy is the way forward for a newbie to learn cloud in all aspects, specially I come from a security background and I really found it easy, just choose a path, set a goal and Cloud Academy will take care of everything from updating the content in a structured way where everything makes sense, and the best part is the ability to practice in the labs which are very easy to spin and get hands on experience. – Rahul B., Cyber Security Engineer from Quantiphi

Seamless Implementation Setup: Get Started Quickly

Save time and resources with Cloud Academy’s Most Implementable solution, ensuring a smooth integration process that gets your team focusing on what really matters: learning new skills.

An effective training platform for end-users and professionals. Cloud Ademy’s approach in the training is straightforward. As a learner, you do not have to spend several hours discussing irrelevant topics that are not needed when executing activities. – Domijones M. Information Secuirty Manager from Peak Support

Effortless Management: Administration for Leaders

Experience hassle-free and organized administration. Our award-winning Easiest Admin tech training solution enables effortless team management and progress tracking.

We discovered the platform is designed from the ground up for a corporate use case. You can create customized training paths for your workforce, save them as templates and monitor how far one is going with their training. A training path may consist of video courses, labs and sandboxes. Exam simulations and assignments are also there so you can test your skills. – Paolo P., Head of HR from SparkFabrik Srl

Highly Recommended: Best Training Content

Current users are most likely to recommend Cloud Academy for the training excellence it provides. We provide a blend of up-to-date content, curated learning from experts, and a supportive success team.

The ultimate online learning destination. Cloud Academy is solving several problems related to online learning. Firstly, it provides an extensive library of courses and training material that covers a broad range of topics related to cloud computing, including cloud platforms, services, and technologies. Secondly, Cloud Academy’s hands-on lab environment allows learners to gain practical experience working with cloud technologies. Prathamesh B.

Hands-on Labs: Interactive Learning for Skills Readiness

Benefit from Cloud Academy’s High Performer-awarded hands-on labs, where your team can test their Skills Readiness in real-world scenarios without real-world consequences.

Cloud training lab is a differentiator. Having the ability to learn on Cloud Academy platform has been a huge advantage for our team. The ability to complete labs directly on the cloud vendor platforms allows our employees to actually put what they are learning into practice. – Marc-Andre S., Cloud Platform Lead from Innovapost

Trusted Partnerships: Unwavering Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our unrivaled Customer Success team is committed to giving you the Best Relationship and best solution for workforce readiness, as we support your team’s growth and success through long-term partnerships.

We switched to Cloud Academy in search for more stability and better content. We found more than that: their customer success personnel is one of the best out there! Perfectly trained, always prepared, respectful of your time, never trying to upsell stuff, but always ready to suggest if a feature you may have missed may work for you; proactive and autonomous, you can count on them. Never had such a great experience with customer care. It’s like they are there for you only. – Paolo P, Head of HR from SparkFabrik Srl


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