AWS Cloud Architect - Intermediate

This training plan is designed to build on your existing knowledge of AWS to prepare you for the role of AWS Cloud Architect. If you're looking to move into that role or you simply want to learn more about building cloud solutions on AWS, you've come to the right place!

We'll start out by looking at decoupled architectures before moving on to look at a range of content designed to help you limit access to your environments and keep your web apps safe. We then cover AWS compute and serverless services including EC2, autoscaling, and load balancing. The hands-on labs in this section will equip you with the practical experience necessary to bring automation to your AWS workloads.

Next, we delve into storage and databases, focusing on S3, EFS, Amazon RDS, and DynamoDB. You'll also learn how to migrate your existing infrastructure to AWS effectively. We also cover networking on AWS with a focus on Amazon VPC. We'll also explore the services available for managing connections between applications and services on AWS, as well as for monitoring workloads. Finally, we'll take a hands-on, practical look at CloudFormation and Amazon EKS and how they can be used to make your deployments easier.

If you're ready to continue on your journey to becoming a solutions architect on AWS, then hit the Start Training Plan button below and start learning today!

Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
74 working days
Content Duration
43h 56m
AWS Cloud Architect - Intermediate
Learning Path
Becoming an AWS Cloud Architect — Intermediate
Becoming an AWS Cloud Architect — Intermediate