AWS Cloud Architect - Starter

If your goal is to become an AWS solutions architect then you're in the perfect place! Here you'll find a comprehensive range of content designed to get you started with the AWS services necessary to build effective cloud solutions on the platform, including storage, compute, networking, databases, and security.

You'll learn how to store and back up data on AWS using Amazon S3, Elastic File Service, Storage Gateway, AWS Snowball, Glacier, and more, so that your data remains secure even in the event of a disaster.

We'll then explore the compute services on AWS including EC2, load balancing, and autoscaling, and you'll have the chance to build your own compute solutions with our hands-on labs.

You'll also study a wide range of content on networking and security to give you a solid understanding of how to build highly available, secure environments. In addition, you'll learn about the main database offerings available in AWS and how to build, maintain, and monitor them.

AWS is the largest provider in the cloud sector and anyone who knows how to build efficient, safe, and effective solutions on the platform is going to have a leg-up when looking for work as a cloud solutions architect.

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Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
76 working days
Content Duration
45h 30m
AWS Cloud Architect - Starter
Learning Path
Becoming an AWS Cloud Architect — Starter
Build a solid foundation for your career as a cloud architect and learn the fundamentals of the main components and services in AWS.