Cloud Architect - Azure

Begin your journey to becoming an Azure Solution Architect. The courses and hands-on labs contained within this training plan will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to architect Azure services, both at a theoretical and practical level.

We’ll start with designing, implementing, and monitoring Azure infrastructure, starting with compute services such as virtual machines, Azure App Service, and Azure Kubernetes Service. Then we'll go through various storage and data services, such as Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, and Cosmos DB.

Next, we'll cover the ins and outs of networking on Azure, including virtual networks, Azure Load Balancer, and Azure Network Watcher. You'll also learn how to keep your Azure implementation secure using services such as Azure Active Directory, role-based access control, and Azure Key Vault.

Finally, we’ll show you how to manage your Azure infrastructure using services such as Azure Monitor and Azure Resource Manager.

If you're ready to set yourself up for career success as an Azure solutions architect, hit the Start Training Plan button below to get going!

Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
88 working days
Content Duration
52h 42m
Learning Path
Pre-Test: Cloud Architect - Azure
Pre-Test: Cloud Architect - Azure
Microsoft Azure for Solution Architects
This learning path is designed to help you become an Azure Solution Architect.
Post-Test: Cloud Architect - Azure
Post-Test: Cloud Architect - Azure