Cloud Architect - Fundamentals

Take the first step on your journey to becoming a cloud architect and lay the foundations of how to build solutions in the cloud. 

We'll start by taking a look at what a cloud architect does and evaluating if the role is right for you, before moving on to the fundamentals of cloud computing and web development. You'll learn to recognize and explain the key building blocks of web services such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

We then delve into the benefits of DevOps practices and how they help to maintain quality, availability, and security in cloud infrastructure and in the development and deployment of applications. Containers are also a powerful tool for development and operations processes and you'll learn how to use them in your deployments.

You'll learn how serverless computing can be used to architect cloud solutions, and then we'll dive right into the first of three practical scenarios architecting a cloud solution. We have a hands-on lab to help you walk through the proposed design for yourself! 

We explore some of the business drivers, benefits, and considerations of migrating business services to the cloud, as well as some of the options, approaches, and frameworks available to help design and plan for a cloud migration.

Finally, we immerse ourselves in two practical scenarios to provide a gentle introduction to some of the common day-to-day situations experienced by Cloud Architects. 

If all this catches your interest and you're ready to begin your career as a cloud architect, you're in the right place!

Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
18 working days
Content Duration
10h 43m
Cloud Architect - Fundamentals
Learning Path
Becoming a Cloud Architect — Learn the Fundamentals
Take the first step on your journey to becoming a Cloud Architect with this practical learning path!