Cloud Architect — GCP

Learn how to architect cloud solutions on GCP and take the first step towards your new career!

The content within this job role covers all the bases when it comes to building cloud solutions: compute, networking, databases, containers, security, and monitoring. You'll get a solid theoretical understanding of these topics and then put that into practice through the use of our hands-on labs, which allow you to access the GCP platform in a live, sandboxed environment.

After completing this selection of content, you'll know the ins and outs of the GCP platform, and feel comfortable architecting your own cloud solutions on it. Begin your journey to becoming a cloud architect and gain new skills — hit the Start Training Plan button below!

Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
36 working days
Content Duration
21h 19m
Learning Path
Google Cloud Platform for Solution Architects
This learning path will take you through the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform and show you how to design an enterprise-class Google Cloud infrastructure.