Data Engineer - Intermediate

This training plan is designed to get you proficient in the Python programming language. You’ll start by taking an introductory look at the programming language itself, including how to code with Python strings, collections, and regular expressions.

As you progress through the content, you will learn more advanced techniques in Python, such as metaprogramming and object-based development, giving you the necessary skills to build rock-solid, enterprise-ready scripts.

During this deep dive into the programming language, you will learn how to write and maintain code and then put this knowledge into practice thanks to our hands-on labs, which will give you the opportunity to use Python in live, real-world environments.

Businesses are having to deal with increasingly large amounts of data that need to be stored, processed, and analyzed correctly. As such, data engineers are in high demand and by taking this training plan, you’re going to be setting yourself up for career success with the skills and practical knowledge necessary to excel in this role.

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Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
37 working days
Content Duration
21h 41m
Data Engineer - Intermediate
Learning Paths
Pre-Test: Data Engineer - Intermediate
Pre-Test: Data Engineer - Intermediate
Python for Beginners
Designed for people new to programming, this Learning Path provides a excellent start point for getting started with the Python scripting language.
Pythonic Programming
This learning path provides a deep dive into advanced areas of the Python programming language.
Solving Real World Problems with Regular Expressions in Python
This learning path is made up entirely of hands-on labs to help you master regular expressions in Python!
Working with Python Visualization Tools
A deep dive into the visualization tools and libraries available in Python.
Post-Test: Data Engineer - Intermediate
Post-Test: Data Engineer - Intermediate