Data Engineer - Starter

With this training plan, you'll be setting yourself up for success in the field of data engineering. You'll start by taking a pre-assessment in order to gauge your own skills on the subject and understand your current level.

We'll then start by exploring the basic principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning models, and out-of-the-box services.

Machine learning isn't possible without having data to learn from, and as such, you will be guided through various topics such as datasets, databases, and spreadsheets, the SQL language, data exploration with Python, and data visualization techniques.

By the time you complete this wide range of content, you will have a solid understanding of a wide range of data engineering concepts, along with the data management skills necessary to build your own ML models.

Businesses are having to deal with increasingly large amounts of data that need to be stored, processed, and analyzed correctly. As such, data engineers are in high demand and by taking this training plan, you’re going to be setting yourself up for career success with the skills and practical knowledge necessary to excel in this role.

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Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
47 working days
Content Duration
27h 58m
Learning Paths
Pre-Test: Data Engineer - Starter
Pre-Test: Data Engineer - Starter
The Beginners Guide to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
This learning path is a gentle introduction and for those who want to gain entry-level experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The Basics of Data Management, Data Manipulation and Data Modelling
Learning the basics of how to work with data with data sources, formats, databases, and SQL.
Introduction to Databases - Moving from Spreadsheets
This learning path gives you a solid understanding of the pros and cons of spreadsheets vs. databases and when to choose one over the other.
Wrestling with Data
Dive into the various tools and techniques available for manipulating information and data sources.
Introduction to Data Visualization
This learning path explores data sources and formatting, and how to present data in a way that provides meaningful information.
Post-Test: Data Engineer - Starter
Post-Test: Data Engineer - Starter