DevOps Engineer - Starter

DevOps techniques are prolific in software development and IT operations, and people who know how to optimize processes through DevOps are in high demand in the technology sector. Take the first step on your journey to becoming a DevOps engineer with this range of content designed to set you up for career success.

You'll learn how the DevOps philosophy allows organizations to follow more efficient, streamlined processes for development, deployment, and operations. You'll learn about the concepts of source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery, and the tools and technologies surrounding them. Thanks to our hands-on labs, you'll also get the opportunity to run your own deployments in live cloud environments using a variety of DevOps principles.

To complete your training, we delve into the fundamentals of Agile and examine the mindset, frameworks, and processes of this methodology. By adopting an Agile approach to operations, you'll be well equipped for adapting to change, making your processes more efficient, and responding to customer requirements.

The mix of DevOps and Agile content in this job role is the perfect launchpad for your career as a DevOps engineer and lays a solid foundation before moving on to the next stage of your studies. 

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Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
53 working days
Content Duration
31h 43m
DevOps Engineer - Starter
Learning Paths
Pre-Test: DevOps Engineer - Starter
Pre-Test: DevOps Engineer - Starter
DevOps Fundamentals
Develop essential DevOps skills with this introductory learning path and build a solid engineering foundation.
Learning Git First-Hand
Learn all you need to implement Git in your workflow by following this lab-exclusive learning path.
The Infrastructure Developer's Guide to Terraform: AWS Edition
Learn how to manage AWS infrastructure using Terraform, the most popular infrastructure as code tool in the DevOps toolbelt.
Jira Essentials for Agile Teams
Learn how to use Jira to implement Agile, Scrum, and Kanban processes in your team's workflows.
Post-Test: DevOps Engineer - Starter
Post-Test: DevOps Engineer - Starter