DevOps Engineer - Intermediate

Continue your journey to becoming a DevOps Engineer by exploring DevOps practices, philosophies, and methodologies.

You'll learn how an organization can transform its processes using the DevOps methodology. You'll learn about the various tools and services used in continuous integration and continuous delivery so that you can deploy, monitor, secure, and analyze infrastructure to your environment.

You'll also learn about GitOps and how to use it to perform automated deployments into Kubernetes, saving you time and effort.

The skills you learn here will set you up for success in the field of DevOps engineering and help towards continued study in the subject area.

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Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
58 working days
Content Duration
34h 29m
DevOps Engineer - Intermediate
Learning Paths
Pre-Test: DevOps Engineer - Intermediate
Pre-Test: DevOps Engineer - Intermediate
DevOps Playbook - CI/CD Tools and Services
Learn how to adopt DevOps and related CI/CD practices within your own software projects using a blend of learning material, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.
Introduction to Kubernetes
This learning path introduces you to Kubernetes and gives you hands-on experience with the container management and orchestration tool.
Kubernetes Tools
This learning path provides you with an introduction to the Kubernetes Tooling ecosystem.
Post-Test: DevOps Engineer - Intermediate
Post-Test: DevOps Engineer - Intermediate