Machine Learning Engineer - GCP

Take the first step towards your career as a Machine Learning Engineer with this job role focused on Google Cloud Platform.

You'll explore the world of AI and machine learning, covering topics such as neural networks, TensorFlow, and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

The first course explains the fundamentals of neural networks and how to implement them using TensorFlow. Then it shows you how to train and deploy a model using Cloud ML Engine.

The second course explains how to build convolutional neural networks, which are very effective at performing object detection in images, among other tasks. It also shows how to visualize a model's performance using TensorBoard, reduce overfitting, and train a model on a custom cluster using Cloud ML Engine.

Both of these courses include hands-on demos that you can follow along with on GCP by yourself, and a final exam will help you to assess your abilities. If you're ready to begin, click on the Start Training Plan button below to begin your journey into the world of machine learning on Google Cloud Platform.

Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
4 working days
Content Duration
2h 7m
Machine Learning Engineer - GCP
Learning Path
Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform
This learning path will introduce you to neural networks, TensorFlow, and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Start Learning Path now.