Python Software Engineer - Intermediate

Build upon your existing Python skills and continue on the road to your career as a software engineer. In this training plan, we'll cover Pythonic language features such as lambdas, generator functions, list comprehensions, decorators, and many more.

You'll then put your skills to the test by taking a series of lab challenges which put you in the driving seat and assess your ability to solve problems using the Python programming language. And the hands-on experience doesn't end there: you'll also learn how to build a Python-based serverless web application with a variety of AWS services including Lambda, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, and Cognito.

Finally, we'll look at designing, building and deploying microservices in production using Python, Flask and Docker containers, which allows for large software projects to be broken down into smaller, loosely coupled modules.

If you're ready to level up your Python skills and acquire the necessary skills for career success as a software engineer, then hit the Start button below!

Average completion time (studying 3 hours a week)
39 working days
Content Duration
23h 1m
Pre-Test: Python Software Engineer - Intermediate
Pre-Test: Python Software Engineer - Intermediate
Pythonic Programming
This learning path provides a deep dive into advanced areas of the Python programming language.
Python Beginner's Challenge Gauntlet
Run the gauntlet of Python lab challenges that increase in difficulty but are suitable for Python beginners.
Serverless Python Web Development For AWS
Teach developers how to create a fully serverless web application using Lambda, API Gateway, Cognito, S3, and DynamoDB.
Python based Microservices - Go from Zero to Hero
Building Microservices With Python, Flask, and Docker Containers
Post-Test: Python Software Engineer - Intermediate
Post-Test: Python Software Engineer - Intermediate