Best Practices for Policy-Driven Application Access for AWS and Multi-Cloud Environments

Author: Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President at Aviatrix, and Logan Rakai, Lead Content Dev, Labs at Cloud Academy

Public cloud providers such as AWS have become the physical infrastructure for the new virtual enterprise data center. An important security measure for your AWS VPCs (and Azure VNETs, GCP VPCs) is to effectively control remote user access to your public cloud resources and applications. Your employees, developers, contractors, and partners – whether they’re in the office or around the globe – need simple, secure access that minimizes latency and improves productivity.

While OpenVPN® may be all that is needed to enable cloud access for a few users, it alone doesn’t meet the needs of many organizations, particularly those that have security or compliance requirements. Bastion hosts or jump hosts, often used when AWS was primarily focused on developers, introduce scaling and security limitations for the broader enterprise. Enterprise organizations need support for SAML, Active Directory, Okta, Duo, and more.

In this webinar, we’ll explore key requirements and compare several remote user VPN options available for managing and securing access to AWS VPC resources. We’ll demonstrate features that ensure your remote access tools and methodology are “enterprise cloud-ready.”

What you’ll learn by watching this on-demand webinar:

– Understand network and security architecture for user VPNs in AWS – what exists natively and what’s missing?
– Key use cases where Jump Hosts and OpenVPN alternatives are not enough
– How to integrate a multi-cloud remote user VPN architecture with your Single Sign-on (IDP) solution
– Implementing profile-based access to ensure compliance with regulations and internal best practices
– Effective ways to monitor user activity, access and log all activity for compliance and analysis
– How to embrace and extend native cloud constructs to improve operational simplicity, security and performance
– Proven methods for troubleshooting and remediation.

Best Practices for Policy-Driven Application Access for AWS and Multi-Cloud Environments