Best Practices to Monitor and Troubleshoot Serverless Applications

Author: Ran Ribenzaft - CTO at Epsagon, Hen Peretz - Software Engineer at Epsagon, and Stuart Scott, AWS Lead

Serverless has had a great impact on developers׳ ability to get code into production very quickly. Its one major caveat? Understanding “what’s going on in production.”

Performance monitoring is a crucial part when running Serverless applications. Serverless applications are highly distributed with business workflows and data spread across multiple managed services and APIs. As a result, in order to make sure that everything is running correctly in production you’d need full observability into the application that will help you find the root cause and troubleshoot quickly.

Following this webinar, you will:
1. Understand what observability really means in Serverless applications.
2. Understand how you can use distributed tracing to troubleshoot quickly.
3. Discover the best practices around monitoring functions in production.

Join the webinar on March 7 at 10 am PT.

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