Building Skills and Tracking Results: a Tech Training Program That Works

Author: Bryony Harrower, Lead Enterprise Product Manager at Cloud Academy, and Stefano Giacone, Product Manager at Cloud Academy

Assigning tech training and tracking progress on your team is no easy task. At Cloud Academy, we strive to make both activities as easy and efficient as possible with the ultimate goal of allowing you to reach your training and business objectives. Our Product Managers have been working hard to ensure your training programs are laser-focused and beneficial to your organization from a 360 degrees point of view.

Join Bryony Harrower, Lead Enterprise Product Manager, and Stefano Giacone, Product Manager to discover all of the latest news from the Cloud Academy platform.

Bryony will tackle the best practices for team & user management such as:
– How to get the most out of subteams for team management & data visibility
– What a team manager can do and see in CloudAcademy’s Management Dashboard and how to onboard your organization’s team managers using this dedicated role
– How our new ‘content access’ policy works and how to use it
– What’s on our roadmap for the Management Dashboard in 2021

On the other side, Stefano will do a deep dive into Training Plans with a specific focus on:
– What’s a Training Plan, its benefits, and how to assign one to your team
– What’s the new expiration policy for a Training Plan
– How to find the list of all the Training Plan history of a given member
– Where to find the list of available Training Plans

If you want to learn more about how your organization can benefit from our latest improvements and if you’re ready to scale your organization’s tech skills, make sure to watch it on demand!