Cloud Academy Deep Dive: Measuring Skill Profiles and Analytics

Author: Mark Smith, Solutions Engineer at Cloud Academy | Albert Qian, Product Marketing Manager at Cloud Academy

While anyone can offer their team cloud training through a set of curriculum, the real challenge is being able to tie learning back to potential business results. With technology constantly changing, organizations need to find ways to assess the capabilities of their teams while discovering how to best train them for upcoming projects.

Our end-to-end analytics and skill assessment platform provides senior leadership and corporate learning departments the needed visibility to take a quantified, data-driven approach to understanding organizational capabilities, including identifying skills gaps, addressing training opportunities, and performing ongoing assessments to measure competency.

In this Cloud Academy Deep Dive, Solutions Engineer Mark Smith, and Product Marketing Manager Albert Qian demonstrated how to use Skill Profiles and Analytics to understand your organization’s capabilities and maximize your cloud training investment.

In this webinar, we covered:
– Why a data-driven approach to measuring organizational capabilities and skills gaps is key succeeding in the cloud world
– How Cloud Academy helps organizations define their learning strategy with Skill Profiles and Analytics
– What organizations can do with Skill Profiles and Analytics data to influence and impact their bottom line business results