Distributed Tracing in Modern Applications – Microservices and Containers

Author: Ran Ribenzaft - CTO at Epsagon, Hen Peretz - Software Engineer at Epsagon, and Stuart Scott, AWS Lead

Modern applications can be found everywhere today. Distributed microservices, cloud-native, managed resources, and serverless are parts of this complex whole. But how can we keep track of so many elements in our production environments?

In these distributed environments, microservices are communicating with each other in synchronous and asynchronous ways, such as message queues (Kafka, Kinesis), HTTP calls, gRPC, and more. Distributed tracing has become a crucial component of observability — both for performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Learning Objectives:
1. Fundamentals of distributed tracing using OpenTracing and instrumentation techniques.
2. Hands-on experience of tracing messages in a containerized microservices environment.