Get Your IT Department Certified With Cloud Academy and Track All Certifications in a Single Platform

Author: Massimiliano Pani, Strategic Account Executive EMEA at Cloud Academy, and Mario Lama, Strategic Account Executive EMEA at Cloud Academy

Cloud, programming languages, and the most modern IT methodologies are constantly evolving. That means your team’s tech skills and certifications must also evolve.

The presence or absence of a specific certification can represent a determining factor for the achievement of one’s business objectives.

Cloud Academy is the solution to train and certify your people with precise time frames and tangible results, so they’re ready to operate on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Alibaba Cloud, as well as on DevOps and cybersecurity projects.

During this webinar we will show you:
– A live demo of the Cloud Academy platform
– Certification Learning Paths & Labs for advanced scenario training
– The Intelligence dashboard, with a detailed analysis on top skills and certifications