How to Create a Scalable Technology Training Program for AWS, Azure, DevOps, K8s, and More

Author: Mark Smith, Solutions Engineer at Cloud Academy & Alex Brower, Head of Market Research at Cloud Academy

Harvard Business Review estimates that just 10% of corporate training actually gets applied on the job. In a $200B market, that’s a lot of waste. Training can be a tricky proposition in the enterprise, but it does not have to be.

Too often, organizations attempt to apply the same learning and development playbook to training in fields that are fast-moving and complex. From milestone definition to role definition and measurement, Mark Smith, Cloud Academy Solutions Engineer, and Alex Brower, Cloud Academy Head of Market Research, will teach us about the four pillars of a successful programmatic technology training effort in the enterprise.

By watching this webinar on-demand, you will learn these proven best practices and preview their implementation on the Cloud Academy platform.