Increase Big Data Application Throughput and Save up to 90% on Compute Costs

Author: Chad Schmutzer, Principal Developer Advocate, EC2 Spot Instances at AWS and Stuart Scott, AWS Content & Security Lead at Cloud Academy

Are you running big data workloads on frameworks such as Spark or Hadoop? Join Chad Schmutzer, AWS Principal Developer Advocate, and Stuart Scott, Cloud Academy AWS Content & Security Lead, in this on-demand webinar as they explain how you can accelerate your big data application performance and lower costs by using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances with Amazon EMR.

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are spare EC2 capacity available at up to a 90% discount over On-Demand pricing. Amazon EC2 Spot Instances provide acceleration, scale, and deep cost savings to run time-critical, hyper-scale workloads for rapid data analysis. Watch this webinar to understand key EC2 Spot Instances concepts and common usage patterns for maximum scale and cost optimization for big data workloads. Chad will give an overview of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and Amazon EMR, and then show you how to process vast amounts of data on managed Hadoop clusters with Spot Instances in the AWS Console.