Introduction to the Cloud Academy Platform: Achieving Digital Transformation at Scale

Author: Stefano Bellasio, CEO at Cloud Academy and Giacomo Marinangeli, CTO at Cloud Academy

When it comes to the cloud capabilities that your business depends on, aligning team skills to your vision can’t be left to chance. Rather than simply making cloud training available, organizations need more control over the training process and the confidence that teams are on track. Cloud Academy is the leading enterprise technology training platform, and delivers bespoke training based on your tech stack, configurations, policies, and procedures.

The difference between success and failure for strategic cloud projects are your people Learn how leading organizations are using Cloud Academy to deliver measurable, performance-driven training for ongoing skills development. Our end-to-end analytics and skill assessment platform provides senior leadership and corporate learning departments the needed visibility to take a data-driven approach to understand organizational capabilities, including identifying skills gaps, addressing training opportunities, and assigning skill-based assessments to measure competency.

Whether you are a business or an individual, join this exclusive webinar to learn how Cloud Academy can help you become a force for innovation.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

– Learn how you can leverage the Cloud Academy platform to identify skills gaps, assign training that is specific to your organization or individual needs, and get your teams or yourself certified.

– Discover our data-driven approach to achieve your business goals.

– Preview a typical implementation of Cloud Academy.