Is Your DevOps Ready for Kubernetes Day 2 and Beyond?

Author: Logan Rakai, Technical Director, Labs at Cloud Academy, and Kevin McGrath, CTO at Spot by NetApp

You’ve got K8s up and running, migrated your applications, and are running workloads successfully, now what?

Having overcome those Day 0 and Day 1 challenges, more and more companies are now facing the long-term operational impact of managing and maintaining clusters as they prepare for Day 2 Kubernetes.

While Kubernetes handles application scaling and deployment, a heavy burden falls on DevOps teams to manage and maintain the underlying cloud infrastructure – a complex and time-consuming task. The gap between K8s and cloud infrastructure is a core challenge to building highly available, performant, and efficient Kubernetes environments that can scale well beyond Day 2.

During this session, we will look at the vital cloud infrastructure questions that DevOps needs to be able to answer if they’re going to be ready for Kubernetes Day 2 and beyond. Don’t miss this webinar on-demand!