Journey to the Cloud: Top Strategies for Migration Success

Author: Andrew Larkin, Head of Content at Cloud Academy and Shawn LaVana, VP of Global Marketing at Cloud Academy

Moving to the cloud is vital for anyone who wants their company to perform at its best. In an era where efficiency is a key competitive advantage, cloud computing can truly make a difference. Security, flexibility, resource stability, cost reduction, energy savings, business continuity, and disaster recovery are just some of the benefits that can be achieved through the cloud.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and migrating to the cloud is no different. It is essential to have clear goals and a precise plan that’s both measurable and achievable. Have you set out your priorities? Does your team have the skills needed to tackle the project? Does your infrastructure need to be improved before moving to the cloud? These are just some of the things that Andrew Larkin and Shawn LaVana will be discussing during this session.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn key insights that will ensure your journey to the cloud is a successful one!