Karting Through Video Game History With Python: How to Manipulate Your Data From Zelda to COD

Author: Andrea Giussani, Data Scientist at Cloud Academy

Have you ever wondered what is the most played video game in the last thirty years? How about which gaming platform is the most used in the last decade?

In this hands-on webinar, we are going to explore advanced data manipulation techniques that are typically used to translate raw data into insightful plots and charts — enabling you to answer these types of questions. To perform this analysis, we will use Python and we will explore two of the most important data analytics libraries: Pandas and Matplotlib.

To get the most out of this webinar, we encourage some familiarity with Python and significant experience is helpful. For those of you new to Python, you can get your feet wet with the following Cloud Academy courses:

At the end of this webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the main functionalities of Pandas for data manipulation
  • Plot raw data into nice looking charts in Python using Matplotlib
  • Complete a data analytics pipeline for exploratory data analysis

Participants are strongly encouraged to download the needed data from the following Github repo: https://github.com/cloudacademy/ca_webinar_video_games_analysis

You can follow along with the webinar by using either your favorite local Python or Google Colab environment. For more details, please check the readme on the aforementioned Github repo.