Moving from ARM Templates to Azure Bicep Templates

Author: Adil-Ul Islam, Azure Cloud Labs Developer at Cloud Academy

***Participants are strongly encouraged to download the needed data from this Github repo and set up the environment prior to the start of the webinar ***

Today is a good day to learn something new! If you’re into upskilling and want to get your hands dirty, join us for a live lab focused on Azure. Adil-Ul Islam, Azure Cloud Labs Developer, will show you how to move from ARM templates to Azure Bicep templates.

During this session Adil covered:
– Advantages of moving to a Bicep Template Architecture
– Converting ARM Templates to Bicep Templates
– Fixing Conversion Issues

Please note that to get the most out of this webinar it’s recommended that you have familiarity with the Azure CLI, Azure Bicep Templates, and ARM Templates. This is a beginner to intermediate level webinar.

Also, if you want to test your skills before or after this session, check out this lab: