Office Hours: Mastering the Azure Administrator Certification

Author: Guy Hummel, Azure & Google Cloud Content Lead Thomas Mitchell, Azure & GCP Trainer

Do you want to take a really impactful step in your technical career? Join Guy Hummel, Azure Content Lead, and Tom Mitchell, Azure Trainer, in this on-demand to learn how to attain the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification, one of the most sought after Azure certs around.

Covering both the current (AZ-103) and beta (AZ-104) versions of the exam, our experts broke down the five domains tackled in the exam, and using samples, they explained how to analyze the questions to help you to determine the correct answer.

This webinar was highly interactive. We started with a quick overview of the certification, got hands-on with a sample question breakdown session, and dedicated the rest of the webinar to answering all of your questions.