re:Invent Unpacked: Latest Advancements in AWS Networking & Security

In this webinar Nick Matthews, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, Sherry Wei, CTO & Founder at Aviatrix, and Stuart Scott, AWS Training Lead at Cloud Academy unpack the latest advancements and updates related to networking in AWS.

AWS Transit Gateway is a new service to connect VPCs and consolidate edge connections to on-premises networks. You can connect existing VPCs, data centers, remote offices, and remote gateways to a managed Transit Gateway and control network routing and security.

By watching this webinar on demand you will learn how to:

  • Ensure the VPC network meets security best practices
  • Limit lateral movement during a breach
  • Minimize blast radius due to misconfigurations
  • Avoid delays due to tedious, manual configuration
  • Use Existing Direct Connect to support on-premises resources