“Serverless Containers” – Running Kubernetes Workloads Without Managing Infrastructure on Any Cloud

Author: Tomer Hadassi, Solutions Architects Team Lead at Spotinst

Containers have become the standard for the deployment process, and Kubernetes has emerged as the standard for container orchestration platforms. When running Kubernetes at scale, managing, operating, and scaling your infrastructure to maximize cluster utilization — without suffering from idle resources — can be a big challenge.

When using Kubernetes, there are so many things a development team needs to manage and configure. This includes selecting the best instance type and size, determining when to scale up or down, and making sure all of the containers are scheduled and running on the best instances — and that is even before starting to think about cost resource optimization.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how you can run your Kubernetes cluster without managing and operating its underlying infrastructure. We’ll discuss the different services provided by cloud providers and third-party products.

Kevin McGrath, CTO at Spotinst, Tomer Hadassi, Solutions Architects Team Lead at Spotinst, and Thomas Mitchell, Azure Researcher & Trainer at Cloud Academy, will introduce a new approach to automating and optimizing container workloads. This approach will reduce cloud costs and operational overhead, while improving efficiency and performance.

By watching this webinar on-demand, you will learn more about:

– Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)
– The rise of containers and Kubernetes
– Automating, managing, and optimizing container workloads
– CaaS solutions, including a detailed technical demo from Spotinst Ocean
– Reducing infrastructure costs and improving performance