The New Cloud Academy Search Experience

Author: Stefano Bellasio, CEO at Cloud Academy and Stefano Giacone, Product Manager at Cloud Academy

You already use Cloud Academy for your cloud and technical training, as well as skill tracking. But like many people, you’re both interested in lots of different topics and don’t have a lot of time to find them.

Cloud Academy’s new Search experience was engineered from the ground up to quickly help you find bite-sized chunks of information, to get you what you need right away. In this on-demand webinar, Cloud Academy co-founder and CEO, Stefano Bellasio, and Product Manager, Stefano Giacone, walk you through the new functionality and highlight how it can help you.

You’ll get insight into:
– Why we decided to improve Search and how it fits into our continuous improvement ethos
– How to use Search to find any kind of content across our entire platform, from courses to individual quiz questions
– Ways that Search can make your daily consumption — and learning — more efficient