The Right Way to Measure Training Programs: Skill Outcomes are More Important Than Content Consumption

Author: Stefano Bellasio, CEO at Cloud Academy, Roberto Turrin, Head of Technology, at Cloud Academy, and Samantha Colafrancesco, Enterprise Solutions Manager at Cloud Academy

Most organizations measure the success of their training programs by content consumption: the types of content used and the number of hours spent on training. This gives you some visibility into your program, but it doesn’t really give you a clear picture into its effectiveness.

A more direct way to train a workforce at scale and measure their success is to combine content consumption with measured quantifiable skills at different points in time. So how do you do this? Generally speaking, you’ll need to consider what tech skills your employees currently have, and what skills they need to have in five years. More specifically, you can use these guidelines — solidified as part of Cloud Academy’s Skills Assessment — to gain insight into your learners’ baseline, as well as new proficiencies.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from:
– Stefano Bellasio, CEO at Cloud Academy
– Roberto Turrin, Head of Technology at Cloud Academy
– Samantha Colafrancesco, Enterprise Solutions Manager at Cloud Academy

You’ll get insights into:
– Why strict content consumption data ultimately leaves you empty-handed
– How and why skills can be measured for leadership
– How the process works, from implementation to continual assessment

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