Why learn Cloud Computing?

A complete explanation of why you should learn cloud computing to improve your career.

Many people naturally ask themselves why it's necessary to learn more about this Cloud thing. No doubt, they have heard about the huge advantages the Cloud offers. They might even be pondering whether the Cloud could be just the thing for their complex infrastructure needs. Yet, at the same time, they wonder if the Cloud really is the answer if there's going to be lots to learn before their work will float in the Cloud seamlessly and safely.

Here's why you need to understand the Cloud and its revolutionary solutions -- and sooner rather than later.

The fastest growing IT industry, Cloud is here to stay.

There is nothing growing as fast as Cloud Computing within IT today. Heaps of independent analysis and research show that Cloud computing is experiencing exponential growth with more jobs being added every day and many companies desperate for Cloud experts to come up with innovative solutions that will make the most of the considerable advantages of this new technology. Make no mistake, Cloud is not a fad. You simply can't afford to ignore it any longer.

Just have a look at this data from the Financial Times article "Cloud Computing in Numbers" (IHS Technology, 451Research, Gartner.

Cloud computing in numbers

Cloud Computing is changing your job...

As more and more companies are moving their IT to the Cloud, system administrators are being asked not just to perform tasks and manage resources differently, they're being asked to think differently. If you're up to the challenge, it's by no means the end of your career. On the contrary, it's a unique opportunity for you to shape your career and work in an entirely new way.

In order to get there, however, you going to need to learn and master a number of new processes so that you remain on top of your infrastructure and continue to provide your colleagues with the latest and the greatest.

It's creating new jobs as well...

Have you ever heard the term “DevOps"? It's probably the most talked-about new job title yet created within the Cloud industry. A DevOps needs to both manage infrastructure and handle code and releases at the same time. It's cutting-edge work that companies are scrambling to find the right people for in DevOps departments around the globe.

That's not to mention Cloud Architects who design intricate solutions for a company's higher level IT needs. In these ways and many others, the Cloud provides IT professionals with new ways to flex their muscles at work -- both by letting them jump over the limits of their old jobs and by creating entirely new jobs. Exciting times. Can you say “once-in-a-lifetime"?

The link between business and IT is growing ever tighter.

Even if you do not work in the IT department specifically, you still need to learn something about Cloud Computing -- and here's why. The Cloud Revolution is now so vast and all-inclusive, that even those in management roles need to have at least some basic knowledge of it if only to be certain that they are making the most effective and efficient decisions for their companies in the new cloudspace.

In this way, Cloud Computing is not just the concern of sysadmins and devs, it’s necessary for decision-makers too. In fact, anyone who needs to be on top of all the new innovative solutions now available for solving company problems needs to get their head in the Cloud.

Certifications are the key to the doors of the Cloud Computing Industry.

Since certifications are one of the most effective ways to verify your skills and knowledge in Cloud Computing, Cloud Academy provides you with both the training and the practice to pass certifications with flying colors. Amazon, probably the biggest player in the Cloud Industry, has three different paths to its highly regarded certification process -- and three different levels for each of these paths.

It’s not easy but when you get an AWS Certification, you will be on the fast track to a Cloud Career. So, step one: Cloud Academy’s Cloud Career. It thoroughly tests your knowledge six ways to Sunday well before you sit down and take Amazon’s exam for real.

Now you know. See you on the cloud.