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Become a subject-matter expert, get certified, and accelerate your career by building hands-on skills in live cloud environments — at no additional cost.

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Accurately pinpoint baseline skills

Test competence across multiple cloud platforms and technologies and track skill improvement.
Test practical, hands-on tech skills
Streamline the assessment process with automated reminders
Understand where your team stands and how fast they’re growing
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cover_Accurately pinpoint baseline skills

Quickly uplevel technical capabilities

Drive skill growth with hands-on cloud training programs built to master AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, and much more.
Build and assign training plans with 10,000+ hours of up-to-date cloud training
Keep your team accountable with built-in reminders and weekly reports
Track progress and completion on a real-time dashboard
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cover_Quickly uplevel technical capabilities

Confidently know when your team is ready

Measure practical expertise through skill reports based on hands-on assessments.
Challenge your team with lab scenarios using actual AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud accounts
Establish a data-driven approach to learning and skills management
Understand your team’s strengths and identify skill gaps
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cover_Confidently know when your team is ready

Build training that mirrors your production environment

Easily create training experiences tailored to your enterprise architecture, policies, and procedures.
Clone and customize our learning paths, exams, and quizzes directly from the platform
Create and upload your own content specific to your environment
Develop custom hands-on labs that mimic your tools and architecture
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cover_Build training that mirrors your production environment
See what our customers say about Cloud Academy
Connie Marthinsen

Connie Marthinsen

Principal Learning and Development Specialist at SAS
“As the administrator for the Cloud Academy portal, I found the support from the customer service team invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without their training and quick responses to my questions.”
Jerome Wagner

Jerome Wagner

Founder at StartSmart
“Training Plans offered both a structure and a timeline for training. I’m able to monitor the progress of my team and it’s all manageable.”
Aaron Newman

Aaron Newman

Founder at CloudCheckr
“The Cloud Academy platform is great. Quizzes and prep courses give a thorough understanding of the material.”
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