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Gain practical experience with live cloud environments at no extra cost

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Accelerate your career with constantly updated content

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  • 10,000+ hours of unlimited access to our premium content

  • Step-by-step Hands-on Labs with skills validation and Challenges

  • Full access to courses, quizzes, and exams

  • Get certified with exclusive Learning Paths

Small Teams

All you need to easily onboard your team of up to 15 members

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Advanced integrations and reports scaled for large organizations


Tailored to your needs

Dedicated support

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  • Assessments: accurately pinpoint baseline skills

  • Training Plans: assign certification- or role-based training

  • Skill Profiles: track and report skill growth

  • Content Engine™: clone and customize our training content

  • Customer Success Manager: quickly onboard your team to achieve the fastest time to value

Constant Content Updates 10,000+ hours of unlimited access to our premium training library
Learning Paths Objective-driven learning experiences that combine theory, technical knowledge, and hands-on practice to master a subject
Hands-on Labs Guided skill validation to learn in live cloud environments using step-by-step procedures
Lab Challenges Non-guided skill validation to demonstrate problem-solving skills using our sandboxed accounts on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
Courses Video-based training to build your tech skills
Quizzes Multiple-choice quizzes to validate and test technical know-how as you learn
Practice Certification Exams Proven to help you pass certification tests on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more
Role-Based Exams Multiple-question exams built to reflect the roles and skills you need
Mobile Offline mode Study on-the-go with offline access in our mobile apps
My Skill Profile Find your weak spots and build your skill profile as you take quizzes, exams, and lab challenges
Assessments Assign assessments to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for individuals and teams
Skill Profiles Technology Quantify skills across your organization in real-time based on staff performance on quizzes, exams, hands-on labs, and lab challenges
Skill Profiles Analytics View and trend real-time skill insights about your organization's capabilities
Compare & Trend Drill down into a specific timeframe to compare acquired skills across organizations, teams, and individuals
Training Plans Assign role-based or custom learning paths to track progress and completion
Automated Reminder Nudges Keep your team accountable by automatically notifying members who are behind or by triggering manual nudges
Weekly Reporting Help your team members, managers, and executive staff stay in the loop with weekly email progress reports
Training Plan Dashboard Actionable training plan status at-a-glance for all your training plans
Consumption Analytics Track granular consumption metrics for your organization (time spent, activities started, completed, last exam score, etc.)
Compare & Trend Drill down into a specific timeframe to compare efforts and usage across organizations, teams, and individuals
Leaderboard Create friendly competition across teams with individual- and team-based leaderboards
Export to CSV & Excel Export consumption reports to CSV and Excel files
Consumption API Access your organization's consumption metrics via standard REST API
Content Engine All-in-one content customization to build training that mirrors your production environment
Clone & Customize Clone and edit Cloud Academy's Training Library for fast, lightweight training customization
Upload Custom Resources Easily contextualize training with implementation details, policies, and more by adding your own videos, links, and docs
Custom Training Plans Clone, customize, and assign Training Plans in minutes
Custom Learning Paths Clone any learning path from our training library or start from scratch to easily build highly relevant training material
Custom Exams Create onboarding exams to support upcoming projects — or go big and launch an internal certification program
Custom Hands-on Labs Build custom hands-on labs to validate skills according to your exact enterprise environment
Custom Categories & Permissions Categorize training content by department, role, or initiative, and control who sees what across your organization
Single Sign-On Integrate via SAML and your identity management platform to add your team to Cloud Academy automatically
Okta SSO Support Connect Cloud Academy with Okta in just a few clicks
User/Team API Programmatically manage our platform via CRUD API
Role-Based Access Control Manage granular permissions across all your users
Team Management Dedicated reporting and metrics with manager-level visibility and training control
Branded Employee Portal Upload your corporate logo to brand the Cloud Academy experience for your organization
Integration API Access our training library and your team's progress via our LMS API; easily integrate with HCM systems (Workday, SuccessFactors, etc.)
Lab Bridge Connection Stay compliant with enterprise security policies by securely accessing lab instances in your browser via our remote desktop HTML5 client
Dedicated Customer Success Manger (CSM) Your dedicated CSM is always ready to help you make your training program impactful

See what our customers say about Cloud Academy

Behind every review is an experience that matters. Get real stories from real users on Capterra and G2.

Stacey Young Rivers

Stacey Young Rivers

Director of Technology Skills Analysis and Development at Turner

“We examined the skills gaps in our organization closely and found cloud computing near the top. We got it right by selecting Cloud Academy for an area where we needed to gain a competitive advantage, and the platform supported our business strategy.”

Alexander P. - DevOps Analyst at G2

Alexander Pedraza

DevOps Analyst

“I love having access to real AWS labs. Not just videos or copy-pasted content, but real experience inside real platforms.”

Zachary Siebers

Zachary Siebers

Cloud Engineer at Eli Lilly and Company

“I was able to learn about AWS and Azure over the past year and have received two certifications because of Cloud Academy. I highly recommend taking the skills prep courses for any certification.”

Frequently Asked Questions


What's included in my personal plan subscription?

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Your personal plan subscription includes:

  • 10,000+ hours of unlimited access to our self-paced training library
  • Hands-on labs to learn in live cloud environments using our step-by-step procedures
  • Lab challenges to get the real-world experience you need using our sandboxed accounts on AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Certification learning paths that deliver the theory, technical knowledge, and hands-on practice to master industry-leading certification exams and develop practical experience
  • Web and mobile access to study anytime, anywhere — even when you’re offline!
What’s not included in the personal plan?

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The personal plan includes unlimited web and mobile access to Cloud Academy’s Training Library, including learning paths, hands-on labs, lab challenges, certification learning paths, exams, and quizzes.

Cloud Academy’s enterprise plan is an all-in-one solution designed to drive an organization’s training program.

The personal plan does not include enterprise features, such as:

  • Assessments
  • Training Plans
  • Skill Profiles
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Content Engine™
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
How often is new content added to the library?

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New training content is made available every month and covers multiple platforms and technologies, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Python, Java, Security, and much more.

How often is existing content updated?

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Our content is regularly updated to include the latest certifications, industry-leading technologies, and cloud platforms. All updates are made available and easy to find in the “New” section of the training library, and you can keep track of these constant updates on our Content Roadmap.


What’s the main difference between the personal and enterprise plans?

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The personal plan includes unlimited access to our self-paced training library, hands-on labs, lab challenges, certification learning paths, and both web and mobile access.

The enterprise plan includes everything from the personal plan plus much more. It allows you to implement a technical training program to understand baseline skills, assign training plans, and track individual and company-wide skill growth.

How will Cloud Academy help my business?

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Companies of all sizes use our platform to assess, develop, and validate hands-on technical skills. Our courses, hands-on labs, and lab challenges give your team the opportunity to learn new skills and practice in a real environment using our real accounts on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud — with no additional set-up time or cost. Plus, all team members have access to our mobile application to study and take quizzes and exams anywhere, anytime — even in offline mode.

With Cloud Academy, your team will stay on top of developing trends and technologies. Invest directly in your team to help them learn faster and quicker, saving you money on external consulting and avoiding costly in-person courses.


What are my payment options?

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For Personal: Credit card or PayPal
For Enterprise: Credit card, PayPal, or purchase order

What currencies can I pay in?

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You can currently pay in the following types of currency: U.S. Dollar (USD), British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), European Euro (EUR), and Canadian Dollar (CAD).