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To help view data easily, we can add features called slicers and timelines. When I click inside my pivot table, I notice that there are two ribbons appearing at the top of screen, called pivot table tools. One is analyze and one is design. On the analyze ribbon tab, just beneath the word analyze, there are two icons: insert slicer and insert timeline. When I click insert slicer, I can see that each of the headings of my original sets of data are shown. I'm going to select department and when I click okay, I have a list of the departments that were in my original set of data. I'm just going to drag this around to a position that I'm happy with, and then I'll click finance, and notice that the data in my table on the left has changed. I can further select other departments like IT or manufacturing. To select more than one, I hold my CTRL key and select two or three departments. Let go again and see that the data has changed. Once I'm happy and want to go back to normal, I can clear my filter. 

Now I'm going to return and select a cell within my pivot table again, go up to my analyze ribbon tab, and this time add a timeline. I'll use date of birth. Select okay and here is my timeline. Place this somewhere differently on my page, rearrange it until you're comfortable with it, and change this to years. What I can now do with my timeline is shrink the period that I'm interested in going back to. 1980, perhaps. Use the scroll bar, go from the end, and carefully drag until you're happy. So we're going to display all data within the 1980s and now that we have done that, we can see that the amount of data that we've got shows within our pivot table which we can then also further filter by selecting appropriate departments.

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