Introducing brand new, skill-based, Job Roles to library!
It's time to get career-ready! These new, smart job roles bring together the best of Cloud Academy. A combination of smart assessments and AI-driven personalization helps you reach skill readiness faster, without wasting time on what you already know.

Front-End Engineer

This career path is made up of the key skills needed to be a JavaScript Developer.

The skills in this career path cover:
- JavaScript fundamental skills needed for a basic understanding of in using JavaScript. This includes variables, data types, comparison operators, logical operators, conditionals, and functions.
- JavaScript Object Oriented Programming with objects, object methods, destructuring, rest operator, spread operator, deep copying, object constructors and classes.
- JavaScript functional programming with arrays, loops, map, filter, reduce, promises and template literals

What to Expect

Go from 0 to Hero with tailor-made training programs, saving yourself hours going through stuff you already know
Uncover your knowledge with smart assessments that check your skill readiness in each area
Gain confidence as you go and at your own pace when you enroll in a job role. You can also pick your own due date and set your own reminders.
smart skills
JavaScript Core Programming
JavaScript Object Oriented Programming
JavaScript Functional Programming
Web APIs Core Programming
HTML and CSS Core Programming
Junior Front-End EngineerMax training time: 8h 13m
Mid Front-EngineerMax training time: 17h 20m
Senior Front-End EngineerMax training time: 20h 27m


How do I pick a Job Role level?

We suggest that you pick the level that best matches your goals. You might be a complete beginner, but if your goal is becoming an experienced professional, don’t hold yourself back. Take the assessments for the senior job role and start working on your skills asap!

How long will it take to complete a job role?

It all depends on you! Our smart job roles dynamically assign content based on your skill level. If you are an absolute beginner, you will have more content and take more time to complete the job role. If you already have some skills, your time will be shorter.

Do skill based job roles have a due date?

When you assign yourself a job role, you also assign a deadline because it provides a clear timeline and structure to your goals. The due date can be pushed forward if needed.

How is a job role different from a Certification?

Our certification preparation Learning paths are designed to adhere to narrow exam requirements for a specific certification. Our Smart Job Role Paths go beyond the scope of vendor exam requirements to focus on skill readiness. They explore the application of skills in a production environment and expose the student to third party software, tools, methodologies, processes and concepts.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Not at the moment. If you are interested in a certificate of completion, please reach out to our support team with a feature request.