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The course is part of these learning paths

Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Preparation for AWS
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Certified Developer – Associate Certification Preparation for AWS
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Serverless Computing on AWS for Developers
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In this course, we will create a multi-tier Serverless architecture on AWS using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions and Amazon Polly text to speech. 
This is a hands-on course where you will learn how to create serverless functions, data access, business logic and integration layers on AWS. Also, you will learn to create a presentation layer for your application using the client SDK generated by Amazon API Gateway.

We will then host the application on Amazon S3. At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to recognize and implement an end to end workflow built in the Amazon Cloud using Serverless components.

This course is intended for developers or DevOps engineers who want to create Serverless applications on AWS, or who may be considering migrating their existing web applications to AWS.

Pre-requisites for this course are having a basic familiarity with Amazon API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDb, S3 and AWS Step functions is required and some knowledge of building web applications using HTML and JavaScript will also be helpful.

Course resources - https://github.com/cloudacademy/advanced-api-gateway-resources


- [Narrator] That brings us to the end of this course. I hope you now have a good understanding of how to build end to end serverless applications on AWS utilizing various services offered by Amazon. To wrap up I'll quickly go over what we did in this demo. We created an end to end business process workflow by first writing Lambda Functions to access DynamoDB and Amazon Polly Services. Then we orchestrated our Lambda Functions through Amazon Step Functions to create a state machine for our business workflow. We then exposed the state machine through API Gateway to create a rest interface for our backend components. Then we utilized the SDK generated by API Gateway to create a presentation layout, or webpage, and hosted it on S3 to build a completely serverless application. You can now easily change the workflow order or Lambda Function logic. Or add or remove any other component to your service. The flexibility and agility of the serverless architecture will certainly wow you once you start building your applications like this. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at support@cloudacademy.com.

About the Author

Tehreem is a Sr. Software Engineer with passion in Cloud Technologies, Big Data analytics, Software Testing and Automation. She has over 10 years of work experience comprising of her tenure at ServiceNow, Microsoft and Harmonic Inc. Most recently she has been developing learning content in-line with the emergence of Public Clouds and XaaS platforms with focus on AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP. Tehreem resides in BayArea, CA with her family and when not working she enjoys nature/outdoors, movies and fine dining.