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Why Agile?


Introduction to Agile
What is Agile?
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This course provides a high-level overview of the Agile mindset, Agile frameworks, and Agile processes. 

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Agile is
  • Understand the benefits of using Agile
  • Learn about the Principles of Agile 
  • Understand the values and principals of Agile

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for anyone with no prior knowledge of Agile who is considering, evaluating, or involved in a move towards working in (or with) an Agile environment.


No specific prerequisites. The content is designed to help non-technical teams increase awareness and knowledge from a business perspective.


Making any kind of change to the way we work can be scary so we should always have good reasons for doing so. So, why do you want to work in an Agile way? In this video, we'll discuss some of the reasons organizations around the world have been adopting Agile to give you a benchmark to see how your reasons compare. Stateofagile.com is a great place to start this conversation. They've been publishing annual reports for over a decade and gather feedback from all over the world on people's reasons for adopting Agile ways of working and other Agile rated stuff. Check out the website when you have a moment.

In the most recent report, the top four reasons for adopting Agile were accelerate software delivery with 74%, enhance ability to manage changing priorities with 62%, increase productivity with 51%, and improve business and IT alignment with 50%. There are a bunch of other reasons too and interestingly, these numbers are not stable. For instance, improving team morale went from 28 to 34% while increase productivity went from 55 to 51%. Also, the kind of reasons are pretty varied, from management, to risk, to quality and morale, people are turning to Agile to improve pretty much everything about their working environment. To understand more of this, we've called a resident Agile expert to get her opinion about why organizations are adopting Agile.

"Why Agile? Well, organizations are finding to be competitive in today's market, they need to innovate which means they need to bring out new products relatively more quickly than the competition and that invariably entails them covering new territory and covering new ground and it means that the customer will generally at the outset not know exactly what they want. Today's businesses don't have the luxury of time with technology reducing the barriers to entry. At a much quicker rate, industries across the board are finding that they are being disrupted by smaller companies who are coming to the market with technology that reduces the barriers to entry. So another key benefit of Agile and what they look to Agile to do is to be able to deliver value a lot more quickly. Because Agile is iterative and is incremental, it allows businesses to deliver value a lot more quickly than traditional methods of delivery."

That's it for this video. There are loads of reasons why people around the world are adopting Agile which should give you a lot of confidence in doing so yourself. Even if you adopt Agile ways of working for one specific reason, you'll probably end up improving other areas of the work environment as Agile touches in pretty much every part of it and in the end, we think this is probably the best reason to adopt Agile ways of working.

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Paul Williams is a Senior Learning Consultant for QA, based in Manchester, UK. He is a member of the Agile, Lean & DevOps Trainer Team.