RDS Key Features

7m 33s

This lesson covers the fundamentals of the relational database offerings in Alibaba Cloud and will help prepare you for the ACA exam.

First, we'll cover Alibaba Cloud Relational Database Services including an overview of some of the services that are provided with it. We'll then look at the main components of RDS in Alibaba, including different database engines, storage types, high availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery, before moving on to examine the features of RDS such as security, database and account management, read-only instances, monitoring, and backups.

We'll consolidate all this information by taking you through a guided demonstration of creating an RDS instance using the Alibaba Console.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different relational database solutions available within Alibaba Cloud
  • Determine which database service would be best suited for your expected workloads

Intended Audience

This lesson is intended for:

  • Database administrators or cloud architects
  • Anyone looking learn how to use Alibaba RDS


There are no prerequisites to this lesson as it is a fundamental introduction to the relational database service that Alibaba provides. Any knowledge of the Alibaba cloud platform and relational databases would, however, be advantageous. 

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