Amazon Bedrock Orchestration using Knowledge Bases and Agents

2m 19s

This lesson will give you a solid understanding of Knowledge Bases and Agents within Amazon Bedrock and how they can be used to integrate AI systems with business applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Knowledge Bases and Agents are within the context of Amazon Bedrock

  • How you can use an Amazon Bedrock Knowledge Base to interface with your retrieval augmented generation applications

  • How to configure and build a Knowledge Base

  • How to interact with your Knowledge Base

  • What Amazon Bedrock Agents are 

  • How Amazon Bedrock Agents are configured and their operational flow

Intended Audience

  • Machine learning & AI engineers and developers

  • Anyone looking to improve their knowledge of Amazon Bedrock and/or preparing for AWS certifications with a domain focus on AI and machine learning


To get the most out of this lesson you should have a basic understanding of Amazon Bedrock, to learn more about this service, please review the lesson Building and Scaling Generative AI Applications with Amazon Bedrock.

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