Amazon CodeGuru Profiler - Profile Application Using Machine Learning

2m 19s

This lesson explores the Amazon CodeGuru Profiler tool, what it does, and how it can help you analyze the performance of your applications so that you can improve the efficiency of your code.

Learning Objectives

  • What this tool is and the benefit it provides 

  • How to set up Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

  • How to use it to improve performance of your applications

Intended Audience

Software engineers, DevOps engineers, cloud engineers, or anyone interested in improving application and code performance.


To get the most out of this lesson, you should have an understanding of AWS Lambda and Amazon EC2. Knowledge of AWS IAM would also be beneficial.

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Alana Layton is an experienced technical trainer, technical content developer, and cloud engineer living out of Seattle, Washington. Her career has included teaching about AWS all over the world, creating AWS content that is fun, and working in consulting. She currently holds six AWS certifications. Outside of Cloud Academy, you can find her testing her knowledge in bar trivia, reading, or training for a marathon.

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