Amazon VPC IPSec VPNs - Review

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In this course, you will be introduced to Amazon VPC IPsec VPNs. We will first introduce you to the IPsec security protocol, highlighting key components - providing explanations of what it is and why and where it is useful.

We will describe in detail the individual parts of IPsec protocol suite, such as Authentication Headers and Encapsulating Security Payloads. We will touch on Security Associations and Key negotiation phases such as IKE phase 1 and phase2. We will finish our IPsec theory with an explanation of the differences between the different network transportation modes, Transport mode, and Tunnel mode.

We examine where and how AWS uses and implements IPsec, introducing you to the VPC components Virtual Private Gateway, Customer Gateway, and VPN Connection.

Finally - We will conclude our course with two VPC IPsec demonstrations.

In the 1st demonstration, we will create a Statically routed IPsec VPN between 2 VPCs.

In the 2nd demonstration, we will create a Dynamically Routed IPsec VPN between 2 VPCs. This demonstration will include BGP used to perform route advertisements - demonstrating route propagation.



Before we finish, let's do a quick review of what we've learned. We gained an understanding of core IPsec security and networking concepts. We learned about IPsec protocol suite. We learned about Authentication Header and the Encapsulating Security Payload. We learned about Transport Mode versus Tunnel Mode. We provisioned and created an IPsec VPN between two VPCs using Static Routing. We provisioned and created an IPsec VPN between two VPCs using Dynamic Routing leveraging BGP and Route Advertisements. As a reminder, cloud formation templates used within the demonstrations are hosted online at CloudAcademy's public GitHub repository. Thank you for your participation. I do hope you enjoyed this course on VPC VPNs and the IPsec. Feel free to send any feedback and/or questions to, or alternatively you can always get in touch with us here at CloudAcademy using the Community Forum, where one of our Cloud Experts will reply to your question.

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