Amazon Web Services Introduction for beginners - AWS


New to Cloud Computing? Want to know what Amazon Web Services is all about and how it's changing the IT world? This course is for you! AWS Basics is a great introduction to the world of Amazon Web Services. As a business unit of the popular, AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers public cloud computing services to individuals, companies and governments. AWS was the very first IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing infrastructure, launched in beta back in 2006.

Today, AWS is the Internet's dominant cloud computing provider. Professionals, startups, enterprises, and governments use AWS to power websites and applications with millions of users. Amazon Web Services is based on the principles of flexibility and scalability. And many cases, since you only pay for the resources you use, much cheaper than local deployments.

Cloud Academy wants you to get to know just how much of a difference AWS can make for your business. By taking this Introduction to AWS course, you'll get a feel for how AWS works, what services are included on the platform, and how you can use AWS for your projects. Right now, AWS administration is one of the most in-demand skill sets in the cloud computing industry...not only for system administrators, but also for developers, project managers, and C-level executives.

Why you should take this introductory course

Amazon Web Services is currently the market leader in cloud computing. If you are interested in learning cloud or in learning AWS, this course you will get you started. And it's not only about specific technical skills; modern cloud computing platforms is a game-changer for business. You really don't want to miss this one.

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In the last years Giorgio spent much of his time on the design and deployment of platforms based on new technologies like NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra), Software Defined Networking (OpenFlow, Open vSwitch), Virtualization (Xen, Linux KVM, VMware) and Cloud Computing (OpenStack, Eucalyptus). He has a very deep knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), RackSpace Cloud and related services, and has worked with many other IaaS / PaaS platforms (Google Cloud, Heroku, AppFog etc.).

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