Apply Activity Instructions: Part B (DevOps Infrastructure)


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Task 2: Final Submission
How to structure and send your final copy
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Welcome to Part B of this activity.

  • In Part A, you worked on the first task, which was to submit a draft in Bud.
  • In Part B, your second task is to submit your final Apply activity to your DLC.

In this activity, you will get a recap of what needs to be included in your final submission.

When you have received feedback from your DLC, you can start working on your final copy. It is imperative that you wait to start this last part of the activity when your DLC has signed off your draft and provided feedback and/or suggestions on how to further improve your submission.

To recap: 

Your task is to showcase how to create immutable infrastructure in the DevOps space. You should discuss the most appropriate piece of work with your team and employer. This could be a small project or part of a larger one, an existing project or something brand new. Whatever you choose, it should be something you can complete within the timescale allowed for this ‘Apply’ activity. It must also have a real business function. A simulated task doesn’t count. 

In this activity, you will be automating the creation of a virtual environment in the cloud to deploy an application through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), configuration management and other DevOps tooling.

  • You can use the pipeline created in module four as a base for this activity, and further build out its functionality through the aforementioned tools. 
  • As mentioned previously, the pipeline should be hosted on the cloud and needs to utilise the tools within your business. This pipeline should be used to build either a legacy application or new applications through.
  • The pipeline should poll from a repository and subsequently build/test, as well as deploy into a container.
  • You will document the project context as well as the design of your application and pipeline, and your project will be pushed to an appropriate repository. 

As a reminder of how your submission should be structured, go through the next sections. Make sure that each point is addressed and that you have taken into consideration each piece of feedback received.

Working on this final submission will take you approximately 3 days.

When you’re ready, select Next to continue.

4h 33m

This Course provides you with information on how to submit the final copy of your work. 

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