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Course Introduction
Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours
Task 1: Draft

Instructions for your draft Apply activity.

Your task is to showcase how to contribute towards a CI pipeline. You should discuss the most appropriate piece of work with your team and employer. This could be a small project or part of a larger one, an existing project or something brand new. Whatever you choose, it should be something you can complete within the timescale allowed for this Apply activity. It must also have a real business function; a simulated task doesn’t count. 

In this activity, you will: 

  • create a CI pipeline hosted on the cloud that utilises the tools within your business. This pipeline should be used to build either a legacy application or new applications through. The pipeline should poll from a repository and subsequently build/test, as well as deploying into a container. 
  • document the project context as well as the design of your application and pipeline, and your project will be pushed to an appropriate repository. 

Your submission should include the following steps: 


  • Explain the context of the project you are working on. 
  • Write in the first person, clearly stating your own personal input. 

Building your application 

You will need to show that you can: 

  • configure a Linux machine in the cloud. 
  • push your code to a SCM repository, with appropriate branching strategy. 
  • build a project based on the code in your repository. 
  • create a pipeline through a declarative language. 
  • automate configuration and other parts of the pipeline through scripts. 
  • deploy an application into a Docker container. 
  • write an appropriate Dockerfile for the application and its dependencies. 
  • monitor and log issues within the pipeline. 
  • create/update pods and resources. 

You will need to install and configure an SCM and build server for this, which is consistent with the tooling and set up of the pipeline evidenced in the previous module. 

Please evidence the below: 


  • Installed/removed/updated software on a Linux machine 
  • Configured the package manner to use additional repositories 
  • Worked with the command line to achieve one or several different goals 
  • Inspected user and file permissions, and subsequently adjusted them where required 
  • Worked with command-line text editor: nano, vim, vi, emacs 
  • Added/removed/changed configuration files 
  • Stopped/started/restarted services 

 Jenkins/build tool 

  • Created a pipeline 
  • Connected a build tool to a SCM platform and auto-poll 
  • Ran a build job 
  • Created a declarative pipeline 
  • Automated a job using a build tool 


  • Created a Docker image 
  • Pushed an image to an image repository 
  • Pulled an image from an image repository 
  • Ran a Docker container 
  • Maintained Docker images 
  • Converted a legacy application/new app to a Docker image 


  • Created a pod/ReplicaSet/deployment 
  • Deployed a Kubernetes resource 
  • Deleted a Kubernetes resource 
  • Updated a pod/ReplicaSet/deployment or other Kubernetes resources 
  • Troubleshooted issues with a Kubernetes resource (i.e. a pod isn't starting, how was it diagnosed or resolved) 

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15h 8m

This Course provides you with information about how to create, structure, and submit the first draft of your work. 

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