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Submit your summary

Before you start to work on your final copy of your submission, you will need to submit a simple, short summary explaining the workplace activity(ies) you have chosen. You should describe how the activity relates to your job role and responsibilities. You should also explain the support you can draw on during the completion of your workplace activity.  

Your summary is important as it allows your Digital Learning Consultant (DLC) to check that your choice will cover all the requirements of this Apply stage activity. 

Ensure you submit your summary within three days of this Apply stage start date. Your DLC will confirm this date with you. 

You may be working in sensitive or restrictive environments, which means that you cannot share certain information. In instances like this, you can anonymise anything you complete.  

It is also important for you to recognise where you should be redacting information when sharing evidence with third parties. This demonstrates good practice in security, and compliance with your company’s security policies. 

Summary description

It is recommended that you include the following in your summary: 

  • An outline of the content you plan to include. 
  • A plan for how you will go about undertaking your research for the activity. 
  • The individuals within the organisation who can support you. 

Your summary should only be a paragraph of four to five lines of content. 

Submitting your summary

To submit your summary: 

  1. Close this window and open Bud. 
  2. In Bud, in your Activities window, select the Messages and Submissions button. 
  3. Type your summary.  
  4. Select the Submit button. 

Within three days of you submitting your summary, your DLC will contact you with feedback.  

Once you have received feedback from your DLC, you can start working on your final copy of your submission for this Apply stage 

You can read on to find out detailed instructions about what you'll need to include in your final copy. QA recommends that you wait until your DLC has signed your summary off and provided you with feedback, before you complete your final copy. 

Please contact QA if you have any questions – we’re here to help.


Here, you’ll find detailed instructions for your Apply task.

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