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All work must fulfil the following technical requirements: 

1. Analyse the current design and tests which are applied by your system.

  • You may pick a substantial segment of an application which is used / created at your workplace. 
  • Write a report on how the system is produced. 
  • Design new ways of producing the application in order to streamline and improve its production methods.  For example, a new Agile method that would have worked better for your group of developers and the company. 
  • Identify or design a method which you would use to test the application. 
  • Think about how these tests are currently conducted and how you would make a change to the testing framework used to enhance the testing phases. 
  • Think about how software is currently deployed. Do you use continuous integration and deployment methods? Is it possible to adopt such techniques? If yes, write a description of the method and the workflow you use. If not, how would you redesign the deployment strategy in your company? 
  • Investigate any design pattern used in the application under study. Suggest areas where patterns could be used. 

2. Plan your time carefully to ensure your work is of a high quality. To focus your energies, consider the following questions:

  • What kind of design and method of software / system design is chosen? 
  • Why are these methods chosen, such as system requirements, developers’ preferences, the company’s history of using IT, etc.? 
  • Who is responsible for the design and production decisions? 
  • Where are these decisions made and where does the system production, integration, and deployment take place? 
  • When are certain production tasks taking place? 
  • How is the work planned, managed, and deployed? 
  • Does this involve a CI / CD process? If not, what recommendations would you make if such process applies? 


The areas highlighted below will provide a good foundation to refer to: 

  1. Analyse the system which you intend to investigate. Make sure it forms a substantial part of an application in your company. 
  2. Find the existing system design, coding, and production techniques, and then make a recommendation to improve the processes used to produce it. 
  3. Identify any coding standard used by your company, and how these could be improved, by applying the software standard techniques which you have learnt during the course. 
  4. Write alternative code for a part of the system which you think could benefit from applying the techniques discussed in this course. 
    • Would you choose the same language? 
    • Identify the code's purpose, by tracing it back to the functionality being implemented. How would you improve the time taken to produce the code? How would you improve the software quality? 
  5. Store all the documents which you produce in a version control system such as Git (or any other app). Deploy your repository to an online site such as GitHub. 
  6. Ask a colleague to conduct at least one code review of your work. Provide evidence of this (e.g., screenshots of comments on GitHub). 


When you’re ready, select Next to continue.

5h 41m

This Course provides you with information about how to create, structure, and submit the first draft of your work. 

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