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Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for this Apply activity are listed below and should help ensure you are meeting all the knowledge and skills required to complete this task.  


  • K7: Software design approaches and patterns, to identify reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems. 
  • K8: Organisational policies and procedures relating to the tasks being undertaken, and when to follow them. For example, the storage and treatment of GDPR sensitive data. 
  • K12: Software testing frameworks and methodologies. 


  • S9: Create analysis artefacts, such as use cases and / or user stories. 
  • S17: Interpret and implement a given design whist remaining compliant with security and maintainability requirements. 


  • B1: Works independently and takes responsibility. For example, has a disciplined and responsible approach to risk, and stays motivated and committed when facing challenges. 
  • B5: Acts with integrity with respect to ethical, legal, and regulatory ensuring the protection of personal data, safety, and security. 
  • B6: Shows initiative for solving problems within their own remit, being resourceful when faced with a problem to solve. 


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This Course provides you with information about how to create, structure, and submit the first draft of your work. 

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