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Welcome to Part A of this activity.

As a DevOps Engineer, you'll now have had opportunities in the last few weeks (and/or will have opportunities in the next couple of weeks) to work with some DevOps-related projects in your organisation.

Your task is to investigate the current networking and security structures within a project you are involved within your organisation and how that interacts with pipelines and IDEs.  

Part A of this activity will take approximately 3 days to complete. You will submit a draft of your work in Bud. The feedback you will receive from your DLC will help you refine your final copy which you will then submit in Part B of this activity. 

The Apply activities you complete during this apprenticeship programme will together form your portfolio of evidence which will be used for your EPA (End-Point Assessment), where you can show your competence and contribution, and (critically) how you have met the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours from the apprenticeship standard. 

Before you get to the EPA, you will get the opportunity to compile and refine your portfolio. Getting familiar with the learning outcomes of each activity is a great tip, which you can do all the way through your apprenticeship.

When you’re ready, select Next to continue.

15h 8m

This Learning Path includes all information you need to complete Part A of this Apply activity as part of the Networking and Security module.

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