In this course, we will explore our Storage options and how Cloud computing can assist in creating storage solutions that scale with your needs and give your data the durability and governance it requires.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to make the right choices among the various Storage options available to you in AWS
    • Cloud Storage options
    • Specific options for hybrid cloud storage to complement your on-premises storage
    • Options to help you scale and meet storage requirements

Intended Audience

  • If you already know about Cloud Computing in AWS but at times you feel overwhelmed with Storage options or just simply aren’t sure about what to pick in a specific scenario, then this course is for you


  • Basic understanding of AWS services that provide storage or need storage based on your use-case
  • Understand how much storage you will need now and, ideally, in the future
  • Understand how quickly you'll need access to your data in terms of performance and retrieval times

Let's summarize what we just learned. I understand that the topic of storage can be daunting at first, but I hope this short guide helped bring it down to earth by associating your knees with the right storage solution in AWS. Performance translates to proximity to your machine. Think Ephemeral Volumes or EBS, options that require significant network reversals such as EFS or S3 will be slower. If you need high durability, governance, compliance, or all three, S3 is going to be your best bet. 

Finally, also keep cost in mind if your data expands beyond a few dozen gigabytes because cost can add up quickly. If cost is a factor, think in terms of slow retrieval time such as S3 Glacier. The opposite is also true, if cost is not a factor, you can literally bring the cloud to your data center with options that include; AWS Storage Gateway Physical Appliance and AWS Outposts. Feedback on our courses here at Cloud Academy is valuable to both us as trainers and any students looking to take the same course in the future. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact And I hope this was helpful to you. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. My name is Carlos and I will talk to you in the next one.


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